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The title “arborist” refers to a person who has gained the technical competence to correctly and efficiently care for trees and other woody plants. Arborists are generally called upon to evaluate the condition of trees, make recommendations for their care, and then provide services needed such as pruning, fertilization, and insect and disease control. Above all, the arborist is a highly qualified professional who recognizes their responsibility to maintain the considerable value trees can add to life and property.


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About Us


Tree Care and Landscaping services


Freeborn Tree Surgeons is an established company headed by Chris Freeborn.

In time we have become an efficient and reputable business through our desire to provide clients with a safe and professional service, at the best quality.


We take pride in being specialists in all aspects of tree care and carry out highly skilled work, and hold nationally recognised certification for the tasks we undertake.


Freeborn Tree Surgeons are the specialists for tree surgery in Hampshire & West Sussex with an excellent track record and the very latest professional quality standards.


All work is undertaken and completed to the British Standard BS3998:Recommendations for Tree Works.


As you would expect we have comprehensive public liability insurance for your complete peace of mind.


Excellent customer service and quality of service are our main priority.

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